Flying Insects

Flying Insects

Cluster Flies

Cambridge Pest Management are able to deliver an effective Cluster Fly Control Solution to suit your requirements. Call us to discuss how we can help with your Cluster Fly problem, Cluster Fly infestation or if you require a treatment for Cluster Flies or Fly Fumigation Service.

With our wealth of industry expertise we are able to offer an efficient and professional pest control service for both commercial and domestic premises in Cambridgeshire.

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Cluster Fly Information

Cluster flies migrate from outdoors into the lofts of houses during the autumn months. Obvious signs of an infestation area roof spaces containing a large quantity of lethargic flies and a quantity of dead flies. They are attracted to light, and some will find their way into living areas, and the presence of large flies in winter, usually around windows, can cause concern to the building’s occupants. The large amount of flies that congregate can cause a sickly smell.

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